fstvFrom Stagnant to Vibrant, Taking your first step toward more energy and vitality

You can buy energy in a bottle to get you through the day. What if you could have sustainable energy – to get you through your life – without the bottle?

If you are looking for a magic pill or energy in a bottle, this is not the program for you.

BUT, if you want to learn proven healthy habits to energize your life at all levels, and understand how to put them into practice, then you’re in the right place!

This group workshop is available live in the Twin Cities metro area and via teleconfence world-wide!

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What From Stagnant to Vibrant covers :

  • What is ENERGY?
    How to find and plug your energy drains and create more vitality
  • How to NOURISH your life.
    Why food groups and calorie counting aren’t enough
  • Why you need to MOVE.
    Use your body’s natural intelligence as your guide

One of the biggest advantages I find in working with groups is gaining multiple perspectives. Very powerful!

"My biggest takeaway was learning that I have the power to change how I feel.

My thoughts + food + activity can either drain or fuel my emotions. I really enjoyed the group dynamic, every person brought a different perspective to the discussion. Jill has a warmth that makes people feel comfortable and she creates a safe place to share and challenge yourself.

Laura Stover
Minneapolis, MN

From Stagnant to Vibrant includes:

  • 2 – Two hour in person sessions or 4 – One hour teleconference sessions
  • Live Q & A during each session
  • Email support between sessions
  • Handouts to organize your notes


  • One guided meditation (.mp3 format)
  • “Keeping it Real – Making Informed Food Choices” reference guide
I’ve added regular exercise to my daily routine and I am reviewing what makes up the food I eat.

Before the workshop, I had a lot I wanted to change and sometimes it was overwhelming just to think about it. I was surprised at how much good information Jill shared in only a short timeframe! I've identified the things I need to eliminate from my life, and others I need to add in. And now I only focus on one or two changes at a time.

Terry Phillips
Eden Prairie, MN

Coming LIVE to the twin cities Fall of 2015. Stay tuned for details!