After making many left turns in life, I’m now running my own mind body nutrition practice, which has always been my life’s purpose.

Jill came to me during a time of great change in my life; losing a job, a home and a pet that I loved deeply. I was not able to see the world beyond my grief. I committed to her 3 month program and immediately realized that my life was full of complaints instead of action. I was blocked and could not see my future.  She skillfully helped me move from stuck to awareness and from past grievance to future plan. We worked on my vision using tools that Jill provided and through her presence, counsel and expertise, I began to move myself forward. It truly felt miraculous at how my life opened up.

About a year later, I rehired Jill to help keep me on task with my new project - that was a direct result of our previous work together. She guided me in designing and opening my new business, based on a lifelong passion and interest. Her encouragement and ability to keep me on track was vital to my career transition.

Jill's greatest strength as a coach is her ability to be present to her client’s dreams, creating action plans and keeping her client's vision clear, while keeping the client in process. She always made me feel like I was living my goal as we progressed. I love working with her and will rehire her as I continue to grow and manifest."

Susan Gerrish
Miami, FL

I truly thank my coaching sessions for my new job - with better pay, great benefits and more time off!

When I started working with Jill, I was happy with my life, but I felt depleted and frustrated with work. I was snippy and short of patience, especially with my 4 year old daughter. I didn’t know how to manage the frustration to not let it get to me. Even though I knew it was time for a career change, I held back from applying for positions that I didn't think I was qualified for. Jill challenged me and held me accountable, and I needed that. I built a personal “tool box” of techniques to handle my stressful moments and I gave myself permission to take care of “me.”  With an extra boost of confidence, I began to network and outreach more…and I found a new job! Now I feel empowered to always take care of myself which in turns allows me to take better care of my family."

Angela Ciminnisi
Orange County, CA

During my time working with Jill, I successfully sold my business and landed two new jobs on the terms I sought.

I learned how powerful I am in my own life when I choose to live with mindfulness and intention. Although my work life was most affected, my overall mindset shifted as well, opening up new spiritual pathways for me. I grew closer to my family. I understood myself better. I was able to help others with what I had learned. Jill’s coaching is kind and non-judging, and it includes real-life exercises with practical applications. After each meeting, I came away challenged and refreshed, supported and validated, encouraged and recommitted.

Minneapolis, MN


I now understand how my time can become my friend and not be my enemy.

Organizing my personal and professional life in a way that doesn’t make me feel overwhelmed and exhausted had always been a challenge for me. Discovering Jill’s work radically changed my approach. If you experience struggles around how to effectively get the best out of your 24 hours every single day, I highly recommend working with Jill. You’ll get a plan that will put you back in the driver’s seat – to me, the best feeling in the world.

Sonja Limone
Dallas, TX

Jill has shown me how to transition from a career and job into crafting my own practice as a coach making intelligent steps.

She has the amazing ability to connect mind, body and spirit and help you find your inner self, from where I believe we can be who we really are. I admire how she is able to integrate a wholesome approach to life with such a loving nature. And, her yoga classes are supreme!

Vanessa Musi
Austin, TX

I can now see possibilities, where I used to see blocks and just give up.

Jill taught me that small actions over time create gigantic results. I was overwhelmed, thinking I already had to be at the top of the staircase. Now I know it all starts with one step. Jill is a wonderfully calm presence who guided me to find my own answers. She coached me beyond where I would otherwise go, and held me accountable for my actions. My whole attitude is more positive and as a result, I am a much happier and more vibrant woman!

Ellen Johnson
Eden Prairie, MN

I was able to reconcile with my two sisters and now we are talking again.

When I started working with Jill, I wanted help with achieving my goals. I was also going through some difficult things with my family and I wanted some support. I did not expect reconciliation with my family because it was the thing I thought I had the least control over. This was a major shift in my life! I most appreciated Jill’s ability to listen and help frame things in a positive light and ability to help me clarify my thoughts and dreams. I really appreciated that she met me where I was and didn't push me to do something I wasn’t ready to do.

Sandy Edlund
Eden Prairie, MN

I tend to have an all or nothing approach to certain things in my life, particularly around exercise and moving my body.

Jill helped me see that I did not have to go to a 60 or 90 minute Yoga class a few days a week to actually have yoga practice. She helped me simplify my practice and celebrate what I was doing which made it so much easier to include yoga in my life almost daily.

Kat Moulton
Boston, MA

I'm no longer concerned about or focused on my weight.

At first my main goal was to lose weight and feel more confident, but now; I'm focused on being healthy, feeling good and inspired!! Jill creates an open and safe environment that made me feel more than comfortable to be honest and think clearly. I absolutely recommend working with Jill! Learning from her is a mind, body and truth opening process that inspires you to transform into a better you! The word I would use to describe my experience is freeing.

Sarah Meier
Roseville, MN

I now respect my emotions and am more mindful of my choices.

My energy was drained and non-existent most days. Jill taught me how to set aside time to work through my energy drains and take action to stop them! I understand the importance of making and not questioning my decisions, making informed food choices, and incorporating physical movement to help clear my mind and get more focused. I highly recommend Jill’s program. You will come away with tools to help you bring more energy and positive vibration into your life.

Pam Emerson
New Richmond, WI