Take Time Tuesdays-2

Take Time Tuesdays

In place of November + December blog posts, I’m sharing quick tips to help you release chaos and find calm through the holidays. I'll add a new tip each week! Consider it your invitation to enjoy the power of the present moment. TTT Rewind: 11/11 Stop. Close your eyes. Take three deep breaths. Repeat tomorrow. 11/18 Step [...]


Lists gone wild: Taming the “to-do” dragon

I was born to create and appreciate lists. No matter what “personality” test I take, organization, planning and discipline always rank high as my strengths. I’m not quick to claim titles of authority, but this time I’m going there.  I’m a pretty much a list writing expert. At any given time I have multiple (think [...]

Play Ethic

Strengthen your play ethic

How long has it been since you had a play date? In our culture we pride ourselves on a solid work ethic. But seriousness doesn’t make us more efficient or more effective. In last month’s Time Mindfulness post, I pointed out the importance of physical play. This month I’m exploring how to strengthen your play ethic. [...]

Time Mindfulness

Time Mindfulness: The New Time Management

Does it feel like managing your time has become one more thing on your to-do list? It sure did for me. My attachment to time management came to a head when I fully committed to my dream of becoming a life coach. At first, I not-so-gracefully juggled a full-time job, daily yoga and self-care practices, [...]


Getting down to the good stuff

Seven years ago I sat down in my hair stylist’s chair for the first time. I had shoulder length hair that I tucked behind my ears. I wanted a “new look”, a “new me”, so I was considering bangs. (A big, bold stretch, huh?) For the small amount of hair I stood to part with, [...]

bike test

Change your words, change your world

My husband, Kris, and I biked through the Black Hills last week on vacation. I know to many of you that does not sound like much of a “vacation”. And frankly, by the end of the first day, it didn’t feel much like one either. Before we even hit the trail, I started a series [...]

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