Cycling through life

For my seasoned readers, this post won’t be a big surprise. For you new subscribers…here’s your chance to experience a pretty consistent pattern with me. Inevitably you will get a biking-themed message after our annual bike trip. I learn invaluable life lessons (and experience many “aha” moments) on my bike.  And what kind of friend would [...]

Three simple movements to diffuse stress at work

Ever have one of those days at work?  It starts out fine and then… You get harassed by an unhappy customer. A project blows up in your face. You humiliate yourself in an important meeting. Half way through the day your energy is drained - or negative - and you don’t want to carry that [...]

Take every hour of vacation you earn, without putting your career at risk

Only last month I was writing about my most recent getaway. And we’re already planning a June bike trip…plus a mini-weekend excursion in between. I’m fortunate that the time-off benefits at my corporate job are quite generous - even for part-timers like me. But they also have a strict “use it or lose it” policy. [...]

How to keep PAIN from becoming a pain in the…

My hubby, Kris, and I escaped for a ski weekend on the North Shore of Lake Superior earlier this month.  For those of you who have been following me for some time, you know that this is our “happy place”. It was the perfect ski weekend. By day, the sun warmed our backs on trails [...]

Looking backward, forward and sideways

It’s easy to get discouraged during the process of change. This month I explain how you can use looking backward, forward and (most importantly) sideways when you dive into something new. I share the benefits of each view, and how to avoid the most common pitfalls along the way. Do you spend more time [...]

When your best laid plans…don’t work

Welcome to 2015.  I’m back on my monthly blog schedule…with a new twist. One of the goals I set during my 2015 business planning was to spend less time writing and more time interacting with my community (hint: YOU)!  So I’m giving video a whirl. Yep, my very own Vlog! I’m super pleased because I [...]

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