You are here today because you are tired of being
everything to everyone – everyone except you –
and you’re ready to redefine yourself.

Perhaps you’re feeling on the edge of something new – a life with more energy, less stress and plenty of time to have fun along the way. Maybe you’re seeking to revise your career path, reconnect with your body or improve your relationships.

Mostly, you want to enjoy being YOU. I totally get it.

Believe it or not you can reclaim your life.

Say goodbye to exhaustion and hello to energy. You can enjoy the time and freedom to pursue the activities you love, make yourself a priority, and embrace your true nature again.

It’s time to finally show up for the one who deserves it most…YOU!

I promise there is something more waiting for you on the other side.

My story of reinvention & how it failed at first…

jill-pathI grew up in a Catholic home, I was the ‘good girl’ and a rule-follower. Driven by guilt, I always did what was expected of me. I was rewarded for working hard and pleasing others. This led me to take the focus off my own interests and seek outside approval instead.

My first attempt to reinvent myself was in 8th grade; it was a complete disaster.

Picture this… a healthy, athletic teenager eating nothing but hamburgers and oranges for two weeks to conform with society’s definition of beauty. I lost 5 pounds, but nobody else seemed to notice. My sacrifice didn’t pay off.

Doubt and frustration showed up for the next 15 years. I gained and lost the same 40 pounds too many times to count. My self-esteem hinged on my outward appearance. I plunged into a dark world of binge eating, self-loathing and poorly-chosen romances.

Rather than exploring my own path, I spent my 20s going in a million directions because I did not want to let anyone down. Talk about exhausting. I felt used and taken for granted but I was afraid to speak up or ask for help because I didn’t want to be a burden. Completely out-of- touch with my needs, I had lost my own voice. Like the “Runaway Bride”, I couldn’t tell you how I liked my eggs, or anything else for that matter.

While I struggled to define myself personally, making a name for myself in the corporate world came easily. Working for a traditional company felt comfortable and familiar – I did what I was told, and I was rewarded. On the outside I looked successful, which boosted my confidence, but no one knew I had no passion for my work. Sound familiar?

An unexpected turn & my next reinvention…

Just before turning 30, I found yoga – at the company fitness center of all places! I experienced a sense of freedom that I hadn’t felt since I was a child. That first class seemed like such a small and meaningless step, only in hindsight did I realize what a leap it turned out to be.

Through my yoga practice I learned that reinvention was not about polishing the surface. It was deeper, an “inside” job, and even painful at times. I finally learned to face myself, my fears and the limiting beliefs that were holding me back.

It wasn’t long before I recognized what I wanted to change, and I found the courage to take action. Less than two years after my first yoga class, I ended a marriage that had never worked for me, left the company I had served faithfully for over 9 years, and moved back to my hometown.

For the first time in my life I didn’t move for a man or a job or anything else – I moved for me! Allowing myself an adventure of this sort was out of character yet I felt at peace with my decision. I had come home.

Step by step, I shed the layers of guilt, distrust and obligation that had built up within me. And remember that pesky 40 pounds I mentioned? I lost it once and for all because I recognized the connection between feeling good in and about my body, and feeling good in and about my life.

By the time I was 40 I was teaching yoga regularly. I saw that, like me, my students were seeking more than exercise. Many were digging below the surface, looking to escape old mindsets and positively reshape their lives. This was the call I needed to expand my focus to coaching.

I heard my inner voice guiding me at last, and this time it was louder than the voices from the outside. I listened. Before long I began leading group sessions and inspiring women to live more fulfilling lives using tools I created.

Oh, and by the way, I’ll take my eggs over-easy, please.

Today I’m living in my current reinvention
and helping others do the same…

Jill-AboutAs a boomer edging up on my 50s, I now understand what it means to serve others in a healthy way. And, I’m grateful to be sharing the lessons I’ve learned to support those on a similar path.

With one foot in the corporate world and one foot in coaching, I’m living proof that reinvention is not an all or nothing proposal. It’s a process, an adventure.

Of course, my life is not only about work! I share a lovely home along a nature preserve with my amazing husband, Kris, and our kitties – Boots and Baxter. When it’s time to play you can find me bicycle touring, creating healthy flexitarian recipes, tasting wine, honoring my body with yoga, experiencing another era at a Renaissance Festival, or hiking on the north shore of Lake Superior.

After 30+ years I’m finally my own priority.

And wherever you are right now, is exactly where you need to be to start making yourself a priority, too. It may seem scary, or even impossible, but I’ve been there and I want you to know it’s not as hard as you think.

You’re not alone.

If you are feeling the nudge (or an all-out push) to…

  • Tap into your body’s wisdom and release unhealthy habits
  • Let go of trying to please everyone and say “no” with confidence
  • Move toward a career you love without feeling pressured to make it all or nothing
  • Restore your energy and get excited about moving forward in your life
  • Make time for yourself and know how you like your eggs

Then let’s do this together!

Will you take the first step with me to uncover what’s in your way? Get started today with a complimentary Discovery Session.

I’d love to explore a new direction with you…a path to more freedom, ease and vitality.


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